Wildlife #2

A few evenings ago I saw a fox prowling through a recently cleared bit of the garden, but my camera was far away, but this afternoon I spotted the fox again, further down the garden and this time I had the camera handy.

A fox in the garden

I shall name the fox Rachel Pickering. Sure, from the photos it looks like I’m stalking her, but she was stalking something in the undergrown so its all part of the great circle of stalking, I feel no guilt.

A fox in the garden

Its a little surprising to see the fox out and about at this time of day, it must have been only 3pm when I spotted her, usually these beasts are nocturnal, then again, she was looking a little rough, maybe she’s having a hard time right now.

A fox in the garden

Maybe she lives nearby, and has a den with cubs and all that.


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