Wildlife #1

As I’m digging around and kicking over ant hills, I’ve made friends with some of the airborne wildlife in my garden, such as this robin whom I shall call Natalie Patterson.

friendly robin

I first caught her eye when I was demolishing an anthill in the middle of my path, I’d recoiled in terror at the vast carpet of crawlie beasties, Natalie appeared out of nowhere and started hacking away at them.

Robin catching a worm

She’s also a keen hunter in her own right, here she’s found a tasty worm in my future vegetable patch. Although Natalie Patterson is a curvy kind of bird, I think she’s got a nest and some chicks nearby and that’s where she’s taking all the food to.

Robin stood on a stickNatalie takes great pleasure in standing on top of my bramble fence posts. Everyone needs a hobby I guess. I’m not too scared about her falling off as she can fly.

There is a bit of an opportunity here to make a pun about pole-dancing, but I’ll refrain.

I wonder if I can train her to eat out of my hand. Apparently British robins aren’t scared so much by humans, so I’ll have a go.


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